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I'll pursue that thought a bit further -- how about text-only CD's as
well as those with graphics etc.  My thinking is reinforced by a
conversation with several of the elementary librarians in our district.
When kids want information -- they head to Infofinder (text-only in our
versions).   When they have some free time and want to play -- they go
for the sound and pictures.   If we want to provide serious research for
some of our patrons, then we need to have cut-to-the-chase;
put-up-or-shut-up; wham,-bam-thank(Oooops, sorry, got carried away!)
resources that patrons can use, print, and walk away with information.
Multimedia is a great learning tool, but there will always be a place
for the streamlined access of a text-only resource.

Gail Dickinson
Union-Endicott Central School District
Endicott, NY  13760

                         "a wild patience has taken me this far"
                                --(Integrity)  Adrienne Rich


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