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My grandmother had a complete collection of Pollyanna books.   I would
put Danny (who if he was 12 at the time; has to be, what, in his late
50's;  Probably took early retirement from IBM and is puttering in his
garden somewhere.) in the same category.  They were read, loved, and
cherished by a generation.   It's over.

If they have been on the shelf for a couple of years and no one has read
them, move 'em out.

Dr. Doolittle -- well, what-ya-gonna-do with someone who talks to animals.

(sorry, it's June, it's hot, and school is STILL in session in NY)

Gail Dickinson
Union-Endicott Central School District
Endicott, NY 13760

                     "a wild patience has taken me this far"
                                --Integrity -- Adrienne Rich

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