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Dear LM-Netters,
     I am a third-year novice, after spending 23 years teaching
English at the high school level.  I am now in a high school,
as the second LMS in a school of 150 teachers and 2500
students.  This year, as well as last, our school system gave
us the option of participating in a teacher perception survey,
in an attempt to keep us aware of our teacher's attitudes
toward the job we are performing.
     I volunteered, and received the responses of half the
faculty who filled the survey out -- teachers were chosen at
random.  All but two of the surveys contained extemplary
comments and ratings for me (these surveys are on a specific
person, and I must admit, I do find this a bit intimidating).
Anyway, 2 of the surveys I received back were not positive; and
one, was downright cruel.  I know who filled this one out -- it
was a teacher to whom I had asked to supervise her students
better because they were loud, disruptive, and not using their
class time in the library media center for anything but
socializing.  Her written comment was:
        "Her attitude is so bad that I no longer use the
library.  Fortunately, other school librarians send me resource
materials."  And this hurts to read, but I'm trying to develop
a thicker skin.
     The other negative evaluation at least listed these
comments which I might find something constructive in::
        1.  Library should be extremely USER friendly!
        2.  Personal schedules, inventory, forms, equipment
should come second to being totally available to the
        3.  Increase library staff-student active/daily

     Now -- I need help from veterans!  Please -- right now I
feel really down in the dumps because I felt I had done a
wonderful job this year (and all but two surveys supported
this), but these other two are making me depressed, and I don't
know what to do about them.  As I am not the one who determines
the duties assigned to me (this is done by the head librarian
who has never been in a classroom), I am assigned equipment,
inventory, teaching classes and training of student
volunteers.  I perform several other duties in addition to
these, but I need input from those of you on a secondary level
who have the benefit of experience to know how to deal with
things like this.

     Please respond soon, as I am feeling lousy and need
suggestions and advice about how to develop positive teacher
perception throughout a school that has worked for so many of
you.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

     After I receive a number of responses with helpful
information, I'll tally it and post a hit on the LM_NET.
Thanks in advance, people.  I need all the suggestions I can
get at this point as to this subject!
Joann Tillberg, Library Media Specialist
Salem High School
1993 SunDevil Drive
Virginia Beach, Va. 23464
VaPen = jtillber@pen.k12.va.us
FAX = 474-8483

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