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Dear LM_NET Members,

   In response to my earlier announcement about setting LM_NET to NOMAIL
while on vacation, I received a query to which we all might be interested
in hearing the response.

> My question - is there a way to catch up on the mail missed, when away.

Yes, check the LM_NET Archives, at the AskERIC Gopher (more info below.)

> What do those sending mail receive, as a message, to indicate that their
> mail did not reach the person it was meant for, since that person had
> *temporarily* suspended service?

When one sets LM_NET to NOMAIL, only mail from the listserv computer
(i.e., messages posted to all LM_NET members is suspended.  Personal mail

> My mailbox is erased (emptied) weekly - and I am worried about missing
> what could be important messages.

You might be able to arrange with your network manager to temporarily
increase your mailbox size, or to suspend regular deletions, while you
are away.  You might also send a message to your regular correspondents,
notifying them that you will be away, and to hold off from sending you mail.

> At ALA I will try to quickly find the Internet room to keep up this next
> week - but when on true vacation away from all of this, I will be sorry
> to miss mail entirely.

I hope that you get to meet lots of other LM_NET members at the reception
during ALA!

Here is how to find the LM_NET postings that you may have missed while away.


             This is an update of previously posted
     instructions for locating the LM_NET Archives. (3-94)


   The LM_NET Archives and other interesting related information is
   now available at the AskERIC Gopher site.

   One quick way to find it is to use your telnet to go directly there,
   and then, by going through a series of menus, you will reach the
   LM_NET Archives.  (Of course, you can Gopher there as well, port 70.)

   For example: Telnet to the AskERIC Gopher:

   1. Telnet to> ericir.syr.edu
   2. At the login prompt, type: gopher
   3. At the TERM=(vt100) prompt, press: return key (or enter your terminal
      type), and then enter your name at the request.  You will then be
      given the following menu:

              Welcome to The AskERIC Public Access System
        Providing Resources and Services Related to K12 Education

Please make a selection from the choices below...

       1. Access The AskERIC Virtual Library via GOPHER
       2. Access The AskERIC Virtual Library via WWW
       4. Mail AskERIC with Comments about this Service
       5. Exit

Your choice [1,2,3,4, or 5]:


   4. Select choice: "1. Access The AskERIC Virtual Library via GOPHER"

      LM_NET is found by moving through the following directories, which
      are given as menu choices through the Gopher menu:

 -->  AskERIC - (Educational Resources Information Center)/
   -->  Education Listservs Archives/
     -->  LM_NET/
          [And there you are!]

   (For example, Telnet and log-on to AskERIC. Then you first must
   go into "The AskERIC Virtual Library via GOPHER", then choose
   "Education Listservs Archives", then "LM_NET", and you will enter
   the LM_NET section, which includes the discussion Archives, the
   LM_NET Directory, the Skills Indexof LM_NET Mentors, and other
   interesting information.)

Happy searching!  (It is a lot of fun to see what has been posted there.)

Best wishes,

Peter Milbury, Library Media Teacher/Mentor Teacher  PMILBUR@ERICIR.SYR.EDU
Pleasant Valley High School, Chico, California 95926    Voice: 916-891-3060
Co-owner of LM_NET: Discussion Group for School Library Media Professionals

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