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Because I was bumped off of LM_NET for a little while, I didn't receive
any responses that may have been sent to me.  Therefore, if any of you
have input, please let me know about your experiences!   Thanks, and
sorry for those of you who have already ready this query.

On Wed, 8 Jun 1994, Melina Brown wrote:

> Hello all.
> I appreciate the responses I received for my last question on t.v.
> studios and have another one for which I really need input.  I am setting
> up a media center for a new middle school scheduled to open in August.
> We are awaiting county board approval of start-up funds to create a
> branch of the local public library.  In a few weeks, I will find out for
> sure whether the media center will also become a shared facility.  It is
> already designed to accomodate the needs of elementary students, with
> whom we will share the media center in two years when an elementary
> school is built onto the new middle school.  So, this media center will
> basically become an elementary/middle school/public library.
> Is anyone out there currently working in such an environment?  Or
> anything similar?  Any suggestions on how to juggle staffing and
> collection issues?  Any hints on what to avoid doing?
> I would appreciate any responses that might help guide me through this
> process.  I will post a hit for responses.
> I thank you in advance for responding!
> Melina Brown
> McDougle Middle School
> 900 Old Fayetteville Road
> Chapel Hill, NC  27516
> (919) 967-8211, ext. 232

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