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Our elementary school has cd rom drives, in fact we have 6 one on a TANDY
386 and the others with MACs.  Our student population is about 490.  I
know that we are better equipment than several of our High schools.  It
is just where the principal puts the priorities.  All 6 of our high
schools do have a cd rom on a tandy 386 that they use Comptons
encyclopedia on that is it for many of them.

Carol Muska
San Antonio, tx

On Fri, 17 Jun 1994, Sean Forrest Ennis wrote:

> I'm trying to find out how many high school students in
> the US have access to CD ROM drives.  In particular, I have
> three questions:
> 1. What percent of high schools have CD ROMs?
> 2. What percent of high school students are at schools with
> CD ROMs?
> 3. How are these figures expected to change in the next
> year? (Apart from going up)
> I'm curious about how precisely these answers might differ for
> public and private schools.
> I am particularly interested in answers that can cite a source, or
> tell me how to find a source.
> Thanks very much for your help.

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