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Sean, I am a librarian at a very small rural school, 800 total enrollment
grades K-12, in Arkansas and we have CDROM in both the elementary and high
schools.  We have one in the elementary library and expect two more in the
fall.  There are two in the high school library and several in a
Chapter 1 class.  GT also has several.  In addition we have modems and
subscibe to several online services for our students and faculty.  Our
administration is very active in promoting technology in our school.  In
addition I try to write as many grants as possible.
Teresa Garrett                      Harmony Grove Elementary School
Librarian                           401 Ouachita 88
tgarret@hp.K12.ar.us                Camden, AR 71701

On Wed, 22 Jun 1994, Carol Muska wrote:

> Sean,
> Our elementary school has cd rom drives, in fact we have 6 one on a TANDY
> 386 and the others with MACs.  Our student population is about 490.  I
> know that we are better equipment than several of our High schools.  It
> is just where the principal puts the priorities.  All 6 of our high
> schools do have a cd rom on a tandy 386 that they use Comptons
> encyclopedia on that is it for many of them.
> Carol Muska
> cmuska
> San Antonio, tx
> On Fri, 17 Jun 1994, Sean Forrest Ennis wrote:
> > I'm trying to find out how many high school students in
> > the US have access to CD ROM drives.  In particular, I have
> > three questions:
> >
> > 1. What percent of high schools have CD ROMs?
> >
> > 2. What percent of high school students are at schools with
> > CD ROMs?
> >
> > 3. How are these figures expected to change in the next
> > year? (Apart from going up)
> >
> > I'm curious about how precisely these answers might differ for
> > public and private schools.
> >
> > I am particularly interested in answers that can cite a source, or
> > tell me how to find a source.
> >
> > Thanks very much for your help.
> >

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