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Dear Netters,

     Thank you all so much for the moral support evidenced in
the countless responses to my posting on the network...the
advice was just wonderful, coming at a time when I was at the
end of my rope -- perhaps dwelling too strongly on the 2
negative surveys I received and not emphasizing the many
positive teacher responses to the perception survey.  One LMS
actually called me the evening I posted my target because she
was so concerned about my "down in the dumps" plea for help!
You all are simply outstanding, and I'm proud to be a member,
howsoever inexperienced, of your club.
     Most everyone said the same thing:
        1.  Develop a thicker skin
        2.  Learn to prioritize tasks, placing students and
teachers before everything else (I shall),
        3.  Take work out onto the floor whenever possible
        4.  And keep smiling and trying to do my best.
        5.  Don't live in the library during lunch time
        6.  Take the time to socialize with teachers outside of
the library and be less task oriented
        7.  Rome wasn't built in a day -- hang loose
        8.  Keep a positive perspective and kill your whiners
with kindness
        9.  Every year is a new one -- isn't that great -- not
all jobs offer this opportunity
        10. Keep a more objective view on things and don't get
so emotionally involved in trying to please everyone all of the
time, since it is impossible to do so

     Thanks, group, your kind words and advice came at a low
point when I really needed your support and advice.  I will do
my best to follow all of the suggestions rendered!!!

     I just love this LM_NET -- it's a lifeline for me!  I just
hope that I can be helpful in some small way to stand tall for
someone else in our ranks!  Bye for now.
Joann Tillberg, Library Media Specialist
Salem High School
1993 SunDevil Drive
Virginia Beach, Va. 23464
VaPen = jtillber@pen.k12.va.us
FAX = 474-8483

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