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Help!  I need info ASAP on hooking MAC 575's up to a Novell 3.12 or 4
network.  I know I need the ethernet card and I know that Novell 3.12
supports a mixed platform--but I don't know if I need any specific
software i.e. SoftPC to be able to access the DOS based library program
which will be running on the file server.  I am going into a new school
situation where there has been no automation done, though have experience
in networking in my old school.  I have also been following the exchanges
re: Surpass and would like more info regarding this system..who to
contact, etc.  (I didn't save earlier info as I didn't know I would be
needing it!)  Thanks!  Penny McAllister// pmcalli7@ua1ix.ua.edu //
Tuscaloosa, AL.

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