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     Pioneer Valley Regional School is hiring a library media specialist
beginning Fall 1994.  The school community is looking for a
technology-oriented individual who would like to organize the effort to
modernize and upgrade the library and move PVRS into the next

     Pioneer Valley Regional School has 480 students, grades 7 - 12, and is
located in a beautiful, rural part of Western Massachusetts.  The district
encompasses four towns, Northfield, Bernardston, Leyden and Warwick, and is
located on the Connecticut River just south of Brattleboro, VT.

     Interested applicants may contact Everett Masters, Principal
                                       Pioneer Valley Regional School
                                       Northfield MA 01360

                                       Tel: 413-498-2931

Joanne McGee                           413-498-5842
Librarian                           jmcgee@k12.ucs.umass.edu
Northfield Elementary School
Northfield MA 01360

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