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Greetings-- stumbled onto another one -=- this time a major size
(658K) list of medical lists -=- used gopher space directory search
at Nevada (SCS) -=- search word was 'medical' -=- it is a health
service list OF LISTS -=- haven't tried, but you may be able to reach it
via gopher at > ukanix.cc.ukans.edu   login as kufacts
then look under dept information, medical services  -=- other
wise use envirolink.org via telnet to get to gopherspace directory
search -=- use 'medical' for search for command -=- then look for
BITNET/Internet Health Services -=- or contact me direct before
30 June and I will try to further assist -=- later.  w.

                ps> this list was just updated last month

                and it might be valuable for school nurse to
                be able to reach it when needed

                seem to remember list was also there as a zip file
Wade Grimes                  voice > 314 898 5553
Social Studies Dept Chair      fax > 314 898 3140
Audio Visual Dir CATV 18       net > wgrimes1@services.dese.state.mo.us
H L Purdin High School               wgrimes@bigcat.missouri.edu
Elsberry, Missouri 63343 0106
                                     -=0=-  A R S > WA0MHP  -=0=-

                        Objects in the rear view mirror
                          are closer than they may appear.

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