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>Date:    Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:06:41 -0600
>From:    Nadine Doty-Tessel <ntessel@MAILER.FSU.EDU>
>Subject: Macintosh security
>        I have been a passive participant of this list serv for some time
>now.  I have learned a lot from this listserv and now am ready to ask for
>some assistance.   I need recommendations of software to use for security
>on our student macintoshes.  I would like a type of software that requires
>you to log in with a user name and a password.  I want this software to
>keep track of the person who has logged in so the tracking record can be
>reviewed at any time.  Is there such an animal out there?

        I want to thank everyone who responded to my inquiry.  The security
programs mentioned are in order of most recommended.
                        1.      At Ease                  (8)
                        2.      Fool Proof            (5)
                        3.      Fileguard              (1)
                        4.      MacControl         (1)
                        5.      Menu Master Mac (1)

        Your comments and advice helped me a lot.  Thanks again.

Nadine Doty-Tessel
Florida State University
104 SCN
Tallahassee, Fl 32306-4051

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