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For some reason, sometimes I have to send these twice before I
finally make it.  So, one more try.

Forwarded message:
Subj:    mail delivery error
Date:    94-06-27 20:47:44 EDT
From:    BITMAIL@suvm.acs.syr.edu
To:      Nupper

Batch SMTP transaction log follows:

220 SUVM Columbia MAILER R2.10 ptf000 BSMTP service ready.
250 SUVM Hello SUVM
050 MAIL FROM:<@SUVM.SYR.EDU:Nupper@aol.com>
250 <@SUVM.SYR.EDU:Nupper@aol.com>... sender OK.
250 <LM-NET@SUVM>... recipient OK.
050 DATA
354 Start mail input.  End with <crlf>.<crlf>
554-Mail not delivered to some or all recipients:
554 No such local user: LM-NET
050 QUIT
221 SUVM Columbia MAILER BSMTP service done.

Original message follows:

Received: from SUVM by SUVM (Mailer R2.10 ptf000) with BSMTP id 4596; Mon, 27
 Jun 94 18:08:31 LCL
Received: from mail02.prod.aol.net by SUVM.SYR.EDU (IBM VM SMTP V2R2) with
   Mon, 27 Jun 94 18:08:29 LCL
Received: by mail02.prod.aol.net
 ( id AA05398; Mon, 27 Jun 1994 18:07:57 -0400
From: Nupper@aol.com
X-Mailer: America Online Mailer
Sender: "Nupper" <Nupper@aol.com>
Message-Id: <9406271807.tn84240@aol.com>
To: LM-NET@suvm.acs.syr.EDU
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 18:07:52 EDT
Subject: Thomson Bank Directory

My daughter is finishing up her thesis for her MLS.  She needs to
find the latest edition of "Thomson Bank Directory" for her paper.
She uses me as her personal reference librarian.  I can find only
a 1993 edition in the 1994 edition of"Books in Print".  She thinks there must
be a 1994 edition.  If so, she needs the edition number,
and the editors of this edition.  If any of you happen to know
whether the 1994 edition is published yet.  We will both apprecitate it.
 I'll be glad to see her finally finished.

Send your information to her directly, please.

Nancy Reed

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