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First, thanks to those who responded to my request for a trade.  One has
worked out, but I still need two more.  Here's the deal:  We have five
CD-ROM stations, and three different versions of the Grolier Electronic
Encyclopedia (very frustrating when trying to train an entire class on a
database--"Now to mark text you two do this, but you two do this, and you
do this. but only if you are on the same machine next time...)  We
ordered five copies of the new (1993 edition) on the assurance that it was
compatable with the hardware requirements of the 1992 version (the first
one with video).  NOT SO!  The new one will only run with a 386 cpu (ours
are a mix of 286's and 386's, and we have no funds to upgrade now).
Grolier apologises and will refund, but cannot sell us the '92
edition--no stock left.  If anyone out there would be wiilling to trade a
1992 Grolier (ISBN 07172-3937-3) for a brand new, never used 1993 edition
(ISBN 07172-3964-0) I would be forever grateful.  Remember, for this
trade to work, YOU must have a 386, 486, or Pentium cpu.  You do not need
a double-speed CD-ROM drive.

If you are interested, e-mail me at <marwill@ctp.org> or CompuServe
<71725,377>, or better yet, call me at (909) 792-7154 after 5 p.m.  I'll
send by UPS third-day-guaranteed.
Thanks in advance!!

Regards,                               Eat sensibly,
Mark                                   Exercise,
                                       Die anyway.

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