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Once again our local school district is going to begin the process of
developing a district-wide technology plan.  It will be one of several
which have been developed and implemented in the last 10 years or so..

As member of the new committee, I have been wondering if any of you have
used a planning process which is different than the one many schools seem to
use..... form a committee, study the issues, identify needs, develop funding
options and ask for money from the school board.  Although this process
has helped get us where we are at today, There must be a better, more
inetresting and meaningful way.

I can download many excellent tech plans from archives here on the
net, but, I am anxious to hear more about the process you have used to
develop successful, effective technology plans for your school or
district.  If you share information about your success with me, I would
be happy to compile the results and post them to the list later this month.

John See
Technology Integration Consultant
Roseville Area Schools
Roseville, MN
TIES Teaching and Learning Division
(Host of NECC in 1996)
Mpls-St. Paul
Voice.. at Roseville: 612.631.1137
Voice.. at TIES:  612.638.8765
Voicemail:  612.784.2243

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