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call your U.S. Senator to ask their positive action on S.1513 . The Bill
S.1513 contains a setaside for school library resources which the ALA Board
would ask increased from 10% to 20% funding levels for School Library
materials. The bill also specifies technology training for school LMS.

Prior to the July 4 recess, action will be expected in the Senate
Call your US Senator's Office and ask their support on the Library setaside
issue. According to the Board discussion, this bill will be acted on this
week,, so please call today to ask the Senator to request appropriate
sub-committee support. Refer to the details in the ALAWON newsletter dated
June 16 .


The Senate Education and Labor Committee, on June 15, reported out S. 1513,
ESEA reauthorization.  Copies of the bill will not be available until next
week, and there is no indication at this time when the bill will go to the
Senate floor.  Sen. Moseley-Braun's (D-Ill.) school facilities bill was
included in the committee bill with authorization level set at $400 million.
 The school library resources setaside is included in the bill, with no
change from earlier subcommittee action.

Charlie White for Michael Eisenberg and the AASL Board from the INTERNET
Room at ALA Miami..

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