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   A T T E N T I O N   A L L   L I S   F A C U L T Y   O N   LM_NET


   LM_NET is establishing a Registry for Library Information Studies
Faculty who have their students subscribe to LM_NET.  We are doing this in
order that we can assist you in helping the students join the group,
participate effectively in it, and properly leave when their E-MAIL
accounts expire on their home network.

   At present, we would like to compile a list of faculty names and
addresses.  We would also appreciate knowing when you will be having
students join LM_NET.

   There may also be other ways in which we can make use of the list in the
future.  Perhaps faculty might want to share assignments and information.
We will share the "registry" with all those on it.

   Please contact Peter Milbury at the address below.  As our program
develops, we will be in contact with you.

LM_NET Co-owners,

Mike Eisenberg         and       Peter Milbury

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