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I am writing an article for the Harvard Education Letter on the
use of the Internet in K-12 education.  I need examples of
some great experiences that administrators, teachers, and
librarians have had by using the Net - who have had useful
responses to their mailing list messages, found the resources
available via Telnet, gopher, or Mosaic valuable, or have had
good experiences with activities available via the Net, like
Academy One or NASA's Spacelink.

If you have a experience that you think would demonstrate the
Net's worth in K-12 education, please send it to me directly (via
e-mail), NOT via this list. I would also like to know your name,
your title, your school and its location, and what grade you
teach (if you are a teacher). I would also like to know if you
are willing to be identified in the article or would prefer your
experience to be shared anonymously (or using a pseudonym). Fear
not - we will not print your e-mail address.

Unfortunately, I am under a very tight publication deadline and
would appreciate anything that anyone can send to me asap. Thanks
a lot. I appreciate it.

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