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-=- this is a re-post -=- per additional requests -=-

RE:: goals 2000 legislation  (as of April 94 this worked)

This is how I found it >

                from 'all gopher servers in the world'  select
                north americia > usa > general > us dept of educ

                 (note: us dept of ed is/was no. 166 on the
                 general menu - select 166 at general's menu)

                once at us dept of ed menu:

                follow path > dept wide initiatives > goals
                2000 initiative

-=- the following are possible methods of accessing -=- I havent tried
the following but they should get you to the Educ Dept on line library -=-

        if you are using a gopher client, point it to

        OR using WWW point WWW client to uniform resource locator (URL):

        OR  ftp by doing this >  ftp.ed.gov  (logon anonymous)

 ** If you are still having difficulty accessing, contact >

        inetmgr@inet.ed.gov  or  goheradm@inet.ed.gov

        or  wwwadmin@inet.ed.gov  and

        if you still have trouble you might try Keith Stubbs at

surf is up....have a good Fourth

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Social Studies Dept Chair      fax > 314 898 3140
Audio Visual Dir CATV 18       net > wgrimes1@services.dese.state.mo.us
H L Purdin High School               wgrimes@bigcat.missouri.edu
Elsberry, Missouri 63343 0106
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