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I have ordered all of the Landmark book.  They are very popular with my
6, 7 and 8th graders.  I was afraid at first they would think they were
baby books because of the format.  They are large and look like picture
books. Originally I ordered only the ones written by the older kids.  After
I saw how much the kids liked them, I ordered the ones written by the
younger kids.  These are popular too.  I shelve them with the regular
fiction, except for one that is a biography.  The kids go up and down the
shelves looking for them, and they are always checked out.  I would
recommend these books.

Maggie McGraw                          William Slider Middle School
mmcgraw@tenet.edu                      11700 School Lane
                                       El Paso, TX 79936
                                       (915) 857-4450

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