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I understand from our local Apple vendor MacIntosh is coming out with a
new color bubble printer, which is a clone of the Canon bubble. It is to
be about $200 cheaper. One of the advantages over the HP is that there is
a separate cartridge for each color.  The printing quality of the Canon
was outstanding. No laser, but then, what is.

On Mon, 28 Feb 1994, Kitty Lucero wrote:

> Are there any Cannon or HP vendor reps lurking on this network?
> If so, why not start the ball rolling to try to lower costs of
> ink jets for educational concerns?  The best thing about ink jets
> is that they are so quiet!  But there must be some way they can
> be mass produced with cheaper components...  Where is that good
> ole Yankee ingenuity?
> Kitty Lucero, Librarian
> klucero@eis.calstate.edu

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