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Sorry to bother everyone on the Net with this message, but I've been
trying to reach someone who contacted me personally about a former
message that I posted.  I keep getting my messages bounced back when
I send this directly and I've tried several different ways.  This
was regarding the job in Germany that I forwarded from someone else.
The person to whom I'm trying to send has woebken in the e-mail
address but I don't know if that's a name or code.  Here's the
message I tried to send:

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 15:17:34 CST
From: f_mcgregor@VENUS.TWU.EDU
To: woebken%other.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu
Message-ID: <0097A7E7.94138420.3599@VENUS.TWU.EDU>
Subject: job in Germany

Sorry, I can't help you.  I forwarded this message from someone
else, who forwarded from the person in Germany who is named as
the contact person at the end of the announcement.  The person
who sent it to me might know some details.  Her e-mail address
is logan@mailer.fsu.  Otherwise, you'll need to contact the originator
in Germany.

Good luck!

Joy McGregor

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