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I have been using the WILSONDISC Reader's Guide Abstracts for three and
a half years. Recently, I obtained a demo copy of Magazine Article Summaries
Full Text Elite.  My dillemma is this: I really like the search software of
WILSONDISC, but they are not going to have any articles full text until
Jan., 1995 at the earliest and then only one year's worth of about 70 titles.
I also like being ablto to update citations from WILSONDISC's mainframe
computer in New York with only one key stroke.  Currency is a critical issue
with my social studies teachers, but the kids really like the convenience
of full text and MAS indexes periodicals like CQ Researcher and the CQ Report
that WILSONDISC doesn't. I'm trying to make a decision for next year. Has
anyone looked at both of these programs? Any suggestions?  Also, I have
some concerns about the high usage of paper with full text--a 4 page article
in an actual magazine took 7 pages to print out from cd-rom, minus the pictures
and charts!
Karen Radtke, LM Specialist      internet  kradtke@freenet.uwm.edu
Shorewood H. S.
1701 E. Capitol Dr.
Shorewood, WI 53211   414-963-6936

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