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Johanna's message concerning the LMC being used for a meeting room by her
superintendent has struck a nerve.  On the one hand, I would welcome my
superintendent who has not stepped foot in my school in the five years I've
been here.  On the other hand, my pet peeve for many years has been the
type of activity Johanna describes.  I may not have a beautiful LMS, but it
is the largest area in the building besides the cafeteria and gym.  Thus,
where are all the receptions and similar functions held?  Sometimes we are
informed in advance; sometimes not.  Always the furniture is moved, doors
to equipment room blocked, etc.  These are usually during the school day.
The weekly faculty meetings were held here until I convinced the new
principal that the faculty had outgrown the space.  The administrators were
not concerned that we are open after school for student use.  We were told
to tell them (the students) to leave.
The point I wish to make in all this is that our State Standards has a
separate standard which addresses this problem.  It states that the LMC is
accessible to students in both large and small groups during the entire
instructional day.  I always point this out when someone requests the use
of the LMC for such functions.  This has eliminated the problem use of the
LMC for testing (standardized, etc.) of certain groups of students when the
entire student body was not being tested. Also, the LMS cannot be pulled
from the LMC to monitor tests because the LMC must be open for students not
in testing.
My advice to Johanna and others with this problem is to check you state's
standards.  Perhaps there is help.

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Patricia (Pat) W. Pickard               e-mail: sequoyah_jhs@solinet.net
Library Media Specialist                by phone: (404) 451-0616
Sequoyah Junior High
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