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THE GIVER is, in my opinion, a definite winner.  Just read it.  I was
strongly reminded of the other sci fi winner of years ago A WRINKLE IN
TIME in terms of theme and form.  Lois Lowry has proved once again that
"less is more"!  A simple theme--that which is important in life: love and
life itself--and a sparse futuristic setting to carry the theme forward.
Ah, wouldn't be wonderful to write like that!

It is as good as her other winner NUMBER THE STARS.  But they are two
different books..NUMBER being very realistic in setting.

While we are the subject of YA books, I read WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? over
February vacation and was absolutely taken aback with Lois Duncan's
*courage* in pursuing her and her daughter's truth in the face of ridicule
for using the "other dimension" and in the face of the evil which took her
daughter's life.  Her book has had a minimum of 8 students waiting to read
it--now at least I have a paperback copy to offer also!  Anyone interested
in true crime genre and/or the "6th dimension" should not miss this one!


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