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Can anyone help with this request?  Or forward it to a more appropriate
net?  Thanks!

Connie A Mellon,
East Carolina University
Dept. Lib. Studies & Ed. Tech.
  Greenville, NC 27858 (919) 757-6621
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Dr. Mellon, I would greatly appreciate any information you could
give me about holistic grading.  I have tried my best to teach
my students how to read and grade holistically.  However, my sources
are limit.a             Can you provide me with citations which
would possibly help me in this arduous task?  Do publishers provide
manuals and assorted goodies to help teachers with this process?
If you happen to know of anything that might be helpful, please
send citations through E-Mail.
                                Thank you,
                          Tired of Grading Them There Papers

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