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 I have always told my students that the system is not to protect against
theft--systems are useless against that.  Any student who wishes could
work out 5 ways of circumventing your system within a day.  Instead it is
a reminder to those students who forget that they have not signed out a
book.  Losses are cut substantially after the system is installed.  The
system is much more an absent mindedness prevention system than a theft
prevention system.  Looking at it like that you do not have to have
philosophical reservations about using a first rate tool.

 On Sat, 26 Feb 1994,
Koleta B Tilson wrote:

> Instructions:
> If you do not know an answer to Question 1, please respond to
> Question 2.  If you are not harboring a philosophical mind-set,
> could you offer a simple _yes_ or _no_ to Question 3?
> Q 1. I would like to review an independent study of the use of
> library security/detection systems in schools.  Does anyone know
> of a recent/available research report?
> Q 2. Do you consider the use of these surveillance devices in
> schools as treating the symptom rather than the illness?
> Q 3. If I gamble losing the library holdings against a chance of
> developing honesty, integrity, and the spirit of community in the
> children and lose, should I turn in my key after locking the door?
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