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Thanks!....I knew that!....I'm ink to the elbows from priming the ink
cartridges to get the last drop (tells you about my supply budget, doesn't
it..also that I'm stingy, (I prefer "frugal"))

I didn't save a copy of my message to LM_NET...if it confused anybody, sorry.
I tend to do that when I'm having fun, or am in a hurry, or trying to
think after a full day of Freshmen   (a few brain cells here, a few brain
cells there)   or am still in the library at 10:00pm as I was when I sent
the message.
 (local rumor has it that I never leave...that at night I sleep in the
processing room...in a coffin full of dirt from my native land.)

But from the discussions over a period of days it appeared that others
were either confusing the print appearance, as you point out, or were simply
using the terms interchangably.

Thanks for pointing that out.

On Sat, 26 Feb 1994, Carol Simpson wrote:
> Marsha, you have confused character appearance with printer type.  "Dot
> matrix" printers use wires to print dots on paper through a ribbon.
> Inkjet printers squirt tiny ink droplets at paper to create letters and
> graphics.

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