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If all you want to do is to prevent shelling out to dos within Windows, just
delete the ms-dos pif which is in your Windows directory.

If you have problems with knowledgeable children, it will not help to only
protect windows. You should expect your children to know how to reboot your
computers and how to bypass your autoexec.bat file. (That file enables you to
automatically load your network stuff and start Windows.) Consider also that the
little devils will know how to boot from a floppy disk.

There are lots of password programs available for dos and windows.

If you already have Norton Utilities or PCtools, their dos and Windows products.
   They all include password protection. You can
include password capabilities. All the utility packages I have seen include
do, but my experience is limited. Some can prevent booting from a floppy.

Tom Whipple
Whittier Elementary School
Kansas City, Ks

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