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Help! I am new to this field (first year as a library media specialist)
and new to the NET.  I am requesting input from the wealth of knowledge
on this NET.  Both the public library and our school district are going
for levies this year.  To help sell, our superintendent is planning a
media campaign to publicize all the ways that the public and school
libraries cooperate and "share" resources.  One "sharing" that I am
concerned about is the sharing of videos (public library's).  For some
reason, this sets off warning signals in my head.  My question to you
is:  Is it permissible for teachers to borrow public library's videos
to be used in the classroom (without violating copyright issues)?
If so, what are the parameters? And lastly, what about renting from
the local video house?  How do you handle teachers who do this?
Please send to me directly, or post if you feel that copyright is not
a tired issue on the NET.  Thanks much for any info!!
Cathy Horn
Library Media Specialist
Oakwood Jr/Sr High School
Dayton, OH 45419

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