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     I have only used the demo versions of Alexandria and CASPR and thus
cannot specifically recommend them, but I can suggest other circulation
and cataloging programs for you to consider:

        1. Librarysoft from Generation Technologies
        2. Library 4 from Kelowna Software
        3. Calico's Lion
        4. Chancery Software Ltd.
        5. Follett Software Co.
        6. Mac the Librarian from Richmond Software
        7. Winnebago Software


        1. Catalog Carder from Right on Programs
        2. MacCalm from Speak Softly
        3. RCCP from Rachels
        4. MacCards from CASPR
        5. Winnebago Software may have recently released a Mac version

     Generally spealking, the cataloging software was incredibly highly
overpriced and not much of an improvement in logic, performance, or
ease-of-use in comparison to my twelve-year-old CardPrep.  If you need
phone numbers or addresses, please advise.

     Good luck.

     Gene LaFaille
     Library Director
     Brunwick School

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