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This is a very confusing subject, and it depends on which source you consult.

The _Dictionary of Computing_ (Oxford, 1990) refers to *all* formats as "disk".
"Disc" is simply listed as "The UK spelling for disk".

The _Van Nostrand Reinhold Dictionary of Information Technology_ (1989) makes
the distinction between magnetic "disk" and optical "disc".

The _MacGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology_ (1992) refers to *all*
formats as "disk".  However, the same chapter refers to an article called
"Compact Disc:  Digital Audio" in _Philips Technical Review_ (1982).

My guess is that since people in the joint Sony/Philips project wanted a unique
commercial identifier for their music CDs, they chose to spell it "disc".  Now
that that medium has become the most familiar form of optical recording with
the general public, many refer to all optical disks as "disc".

I think....

                                         Michael Kankiewicz
                                         Science & Engineering Library
                                         University at Buffalo

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