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I hope this will not be considered "commercial" or a commercial.  One of
my librarians attended this workshop at AASL and I attended at Databases
this fall.  Both sessions were highly informative and without the pressure
of a specific vendor.

Please consider this an FYI!

Julie A. Walker                         District Media Center
Director, Library & Media Services      13401 Pond Springs Rd.
Round Rock ISD                          Austin, TX  78729
jawalker@tenet.edu                      512-331-6697/512-331-1811 (FAX)

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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 94 22:03:31 -0500
From: Howard McQueen <p00320@psilink.com>
To: Julie Walker <jawalker@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Mac & DOS together AGAIN on Novell


What a surprise (and pleasure) to know we have hooked up before.

With your encouragement, I am sending your our announcement.  You may
shorten it if you feel necessary.  I have unsubscribed from LM_NET
subject to speaking with the LISTOWNER further about DIGEST and other

Very interested, but overwhelmed with other LISTSERV and USENET postings
at this time.

Send me a copy of the posting and thanks for offering.

(BTW, we are teaching many courses on the Internet now).


Posting appears below

SUBJECT: CD Consultants April 20, 1994 CD-ROM Networking Workshop

Where: Washington, DC - ASAE Conference Center
       (3 blocks from the White House)

 8:00 a.m. registration for "CD-ROM Local Area Networking"

01:30 p.m. registration for "CD-ROM Wide Area Networking"

These courses have been featured at AASL and Databases In Schools
over the past two years - to sold out audiences.

This updated courseware covers all of the basics of local and wide
area access to CD-ROM.  Here are a few of the highlights.

     *    Build a local area CD-ROM network that is
          flexible, expandable and optimized to serve
          CD-ROM databases to a growing, heterogeneous
          workstation environment.

     *    Review proven solutions that will allow
          Macintosh users to have full-screen, color,
          full function-key access to DOS-based CD-ROM

     *    Look at new system designs which support over
          100 networked CD-ROM drives in a multi-server
          environment, providing access to ISO 9660 and
          Apple HFS formatted CD-ROMs.

     *    Review of the advantages/disadvantages of SCSI
          Express for Netware.  A comparison of SCSI
          Express versus Netware 4.0's built-in CD-ROM
          sharing will also be made.

     *    Discuss the latest in software metering,
          usage-tracking and menuing tools, including
          new versions of Shepherd and Idleboot, which
          provide the capability to manage "application

     *    Clearly understand the latest options involved
          in network jukebox (near line) CD-ROM
          technology and various methods for designing
          and implementing large, multi-disc data sets
          on networks.

     *    Understand the latest in CD-ROM drive
          technology and the importance in compatibility
          with new standards such as CD-ROM XA, Kodax
          Photo CD, multi-session discs, Rock Ridge
          Extensions, etc.

     *    Provide new system designs which utilize
          terminal server technology (TCP/IP) and also
          discuss new remote control products.

     As always, many live and successful case studies, negotiations
with publishers and a variety of real-world tips and tricks will be

     These workshops have been provided throughout North America
for the past three years.  In recognition of the effectiveness of
the workshops, the Special Libraries Association and Medical
Library Association have certified the courseware for Continuing
Education Units (when presented by an SLA/MLA sponsoring group).

     Attendees will receive a 90+ page workbook which follows every
graphic presented during this 8 hour workshop.  There is ample time
for attendees to ask questions throughout the day.

     Howard McQueen, Workshop leader and President of CD
Consultants, Inc. has assisted more corporate, university, federal
government and research institutions plan and implement CD-ROM over
their LAN/WAN environments than any other independent consultant.
Howard is also Co-Chair of SIGNET, a working subcommittee of SIGCAT
which is responsible for furthering CD-ROM networking standards in
the federal government.

Attendance will include library, federal government, university, corporate
and CD-ROM publishing staff.

Workshop fee $250 (U.S. Dollars) for the LAN or WAN workshop, $350
for both workshops if attended by the same person.

For a registration packet, contact:

      Ms. Jean E. DeMatteo, V.P.
      Educational Services
      CD Consultants, Inc.
      4404 Keswick Road
      Baltimore, MD  21210

      Phone (410) 243-2755
      Fax   (410) 243-9419

      Internet: jean@cdconsult.com


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