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Briefly, copyright law allows NO educational use of videos.  There are,
however, guidelines that have been established that do NOT have the
force of law, but HAVE been accepted in court rulings.  No one fmaking a
good faith effort to follow the guidelines has been convicted of
copyright violations.  According to these guidelines, a teacher can use a
commercial video in face to face instruction in an educational setting.
It must relate directly to the subject matter and cannot be shown for
profit or for "rewards".  Videos taped off the air can be used once for
instruction and once for reinforcement, but no more. They cannot be
loaned, traded, passed on, etc.  They must be used within 10 days, then
erased.  Neithe off the air nor rented videos can be altered in any way
(electronically edited), but of course you can use a fast-forward on a VCR.
These guidelines are often refered to as the "Fair Use" doctrine.  Videos
purchased by school districts from producers who have created them
specifically for educational use are not subject to such restrictions.

Hope this helps.


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