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> center which involve the use of our periodical collection.  We
> house our periodicals in open shelving by title, accessible to our
> students.

>   My problem is that the periodicals quickly become disorganized and
> when back-to-back classes work on periodical research, it becomes
> almost impossible to find anything.  My aide and I try to keep the
Patricia -- leaving your periodicals open for anyone to get to at whim
means that you won't have a collection to reasearch from in the future.
It simply is too easy to take what you want and run.

We have found it most useful to have the periodicals on shelving behind
the checkout desk.  They are easily accessible by my library students and
we circulate sometimes 150 periodicals a day during research season.  --
But because they are behind the desk they are refiled by my students and
retrieved by my students.  Has worked well for us.

Students may check out the magazines for a week with unlimited renewal
unless someone else has requested the particular issue.

Floyd Pentlin, Library Media Specialist
Lee's Summit High School, Div. II, 400 Blue Parkway, Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Internet: fpentlin@hobbs.leesummit.k12.mo.us -OR- Pentlin@CMSUVMB.CMSU.EDU
Voice:  816-251-3418 / Fax:  816-251-3419
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