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        My wife bought Animalia by Graeme Base from Scholastic Book Club
several years ago as a fourth birthday gift for our grandson.  And his
parents are *very* particular about what books he sees.  What possible
objection was there to the book?

        Regarding the student's quotation about the past and the future,

"Looking forward I see the past.  The past never to be relived again.
You'll see yourself as a child, growing day by day."

        That's the kind of thing students write.  The future as a mirror
of the past?  The quoted passage doesn't make sense to me.  Let's reward
this future Percy (or Mary) Shelley with creativity if not philisophical
wisdom.   If it is indeed plagiarized from an adult's writing, the adult
should be ashamed of her/himself for writing it.

                                                - Mel

Mel Roseman
Internet: mrosema@ctp.org

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