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In addition to the Colorodo report which I am currently reviewing, does anyone
have or can they direct me to additional information that relates to the
following theme:

|Educational implications of School Library Services on student academic
 achievement?  The role of technology in this picture should also be addressed.

I know that this topic has been addressed in one form or another before.  But
we were just informed of need to prepare for a presentation at a Board of
Education Meeting where the emphasis will be on the above in terms of cost
effectiveness.  Bottom line:  Were new facilities and staffing really necessary
to accomplish what we have done?  Could it have been done with the old?  Has
there been an increase in useage because of it?  Is there a positive
correlation between academic achievement and the new facilities?  Is there a

I'm sure that this must be familiar to a number of you.  Any supportive info.
that would facilitate developing a presentation would be most appreciated.

NOTE:  Due to extenuating circumstances, the presentation may have to be done
by our building and/or District administrators.  We want to give them the right
ammo to satisfy the Board's questions.

Any help welcome!

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