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From:   HCCA0::HAASE_M      "Marianne Haase, Librarian" 26-FEB-1993 13:53:56.51
To:     HAASE_M
Subj:   Results: Censorship of Running Loose

From:   MECSYS::IN%"bbvschlib@shrsys.hslc.ORG" 22-FEB-1994 23:34:08.75
Subj:   RE: Removal of Running Loose

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Subject: RE: Removal of Running Loose
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   Thank you for all the help with Running Loose.  The book is to
be restricted to 10, 11, and 12 grade unless I have a permission
slip from the parents.  Hard to win with the superintendent,
school board member, and principal for banning the book.  The end
result is that I have to (repeat)  HAVE TO (direct directive from
superintendent) develop a way to separate literature for the 7,
8, and 9 grade and 10, 11, and 12.  This is to be for all
literature or students or something.  I'm to make several plans
and present them to the school board.  I don't want any of this
but I don't have a choice.  So please share your thoughts with
me.  These are my ideas.

     1.  Have parents sign a form if they do not want their child
to check out any materials in the library without permission.  I
would call the parent to ask permission for the child to check
out a book.

     2.  Have someone (a community committee??-not me) put labels
inside basically every book unless the entire committee approved
it, sort of a PG13 label.  Then it would be up to the parent to
monitor the student's use of the books but they would have a

      My library is 11,000 volumes for 550 7-12 students.  I have
Circ/Cat Plus.
      Please answer directly to me and not the net.  I can not
post to the net so I am using Marianne to do that.  Our system
manager promised to fix the problem someday.  Thanks in advance.

Janet Johns
Berlin Brothersvalley
1025 E. Main Street
Berlin, Pa. 15530
fax/phone  814-267-5137
email  bbvschlib@hslc.org

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