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This is my first official request to the entire list:

     Our 8th grade English teacher has been trying to find out
some historical information about the Globe Theater.  It was rebuilt
after the 1613 fire, and razed by the landowner in 1644.  Does anyone
know what happened to Shakespeare's share in the theater upon his
death? Also, who was the landowner, how did he come own the land, why
did he destroy the theater, and what stands on that site today?

    A second question:  We are compiling a bibliography of fiction and
non-fiction titles that focus on social commentary of life in the U.S.
1860's-1900, the "Muckraker" period, the Gilded Age.  I have Bellamy,
J. Addams, H. Alger, Dreiser, W.D. Howells, Henry James, Riis, U. Sinclair,
Spargo, Tarbell, and Veblen.  Please let me know what I might be
missing.  These books are for supplemental reading, for Advanced Placement
students, and for students in a combined 10-12 cultural history class.
If there is interest, I will (try!) to Target.

    Thanks for ALL your help.  LM_NET is my link to the outside
world from this "centrally isolated" location.

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