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>Hints, puzzles, articles? Ask for information about books by Carol
>Smallwood from: XXXXX, Box XXX, XXXXXXXX, NC XXXXX

and she also wrote:
>Need addresses to contact XXXXXXXXX for Workshops/Readings?  Ask
>Dave to send information: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XX North
>XXXXX, XXXXXXX, XX XXXXX. Tell him you saw it here!

I'd really hate to see LM_NET filled with more of this junk advertising.

Too many of us readers are almost overwhelmed with quality discussion
and sharing, we certainly don't need a bunch of junk advertising too.

In addition, I certainly question the ethics of someone who would
post a deceptively helpful advertisement for a book without even
mentioning that "by the way, I'm the author, and I'll be making money
on every copy you buy."  Personally, I'd like to suggest that LM_NET
readers boycott Ms. Smallwood's book.

I'd also like to ask that we all do our part to stamp out
this advertising.  When advertisers post junk like this, each and every
one of us could to send a note in response asking them not to ever do
it again.

Thank you.

Stephen E. Collins   http://www.micro.umn.edu/SEC.html
University of Minnesota      sec@boombox.micro.umn.edu
Distributed Computing Services          (612) 625-1300

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