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The suggestion of being on the wrong screen as an explanation for items
showing up on the shelf not cleared in is one that we eliminated.  We are
making a point of reading each title as it comes on the screen to verify
it is being checked out or in.  Anyone else have another explanation?

Today I saw two titles for Bambi's Children--one in English and one in
another language (Bambi's kinder).  Each record had 2 copies attached.  I
knew that we didn't have but 2 copies.  Upon checking the copy info, each
title had the same two barcodes listed.  Never knowing CircPlus to attach
a barcode twice to any items, I experimented and removed one title.  Each
title (the one in English and the one in the other language?) disappeared.
 Any explanations?  Are separate listings generated for titles with
translated titles?
Sandy Scroggs                   Kate Schenck Elementary School
Librarian                       101 Kate Schenck Avenue
sandyscr@tenet.edu              San Antonio, Texas 78223

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