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Mimi...what do you mean "...in a similar situation?"  I have to make up
the lists we send home, here and I scramble like mad to do it.  If you
have lists you wouldn't mind sharing, can you load them here??



American School for the Deaf

On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, Mimi B Krystel 813 536 2756 wrote:

>         Our school has a suggested summer reading list for kindergarten
> through third grade and a required reading list for fourth through eighth
> grade. I would be interested in hearing directly from anyone in a similar
> situation.
>                         Mimi Krystel
>                         St. Paul's School
>                         1600 St. Paul's Drive
>                         Clearwater, FL 34624
>                         email: krystem@firnvx.firn.edu

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