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I have a few corrections:

On Tue, 1 Mar 1994, Mark Williams wrote:

> Briefly, copyright law allows NO educational use of videos.  There are,

The 1976 law doesn't mention videos at all.  The Congressional Guidelines
were written by a joint House/Senate committee to explain their intent in
the vague 1976 law, and the Guidelines are directed to be used in any
legal interpretation of use.

> loaned, traded, passed on, etc.  They must be used within 10 days, then
> erased.
Not quite.  Off-air (note that cable channels are NOT included here) tapes
=may= be retained  up to 45 days from original broadcast date, but only
for evaluation for possible purchase.

> Videos purchased by school districts from producers who have created them
> specifically for educational use are not subject to such restrictions.

Not true at all!  ONLY if public performance rights were =specifically=
purchased with the tape (and you'd better have that in writing!) may you
use the tape for anything other than a fair-use educational display.

This isn't intended to be a commercial, but I have a book on school
copyright implications to be published later this month.  I go into much
more detail there.

Carol Mann Simpson                   csimpson@tenet.edu
Facilitator - Library Technology          214 882-7450
Mesquite (TX) Independent School District

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