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A friend of mine has written a book about her experiences as a child
on Dec. 7, 1941 when she live at Pear Harbor and the Harbor was bombed.
She would like to know...1.  Can you use personal history books that are
realated to significant events in your library?
2.  Would a book about experiences of a young Hawaiian girld
be helpful in telling how Americas was brought into WWII?
3.  Do you think a teacher's resoucrce guide would make this book
significantly more valuable in ed. usage?
4.  What is the most effective way for librarians to evaluate
new materials like this- descriptive letter, brochure, or what?
5.  Would a live presentation by the author, or an opportunity
to see the book in person be an overwhelming factor in determining
its applicability to a particular school?

She is a first time author and I am sure we can help with our
tried and true opinions.  I would be glad to Target this subject
if people would allow me 2-3 weeks to responde   to everyone. Thank
you for your opinion and time and thought. MORCMC@delphi.com
Betty Sproul

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