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Boy, if you find this out, I bet  a lot of us would be happier.  You're
right on-- my icon "disappeared" - thank goodness it was from Windows 3.0
which we were upgrading, but never did they appear again!  We have lots
of hackers, too, and I think sometimes it's just a mistake, but it
certainly would be nice to have some level of security whenyou wanted
it.  With all the new CD-ROMs using a Windows environment, it will become
more important.  Hope you get some good ideas!
On Sat, 26 Feb 1994, John
Osterhout wrote:

> We are in need of a program which will allow us to pass word
>  protect Windows. We have quite a few high school hackers. It
> would be ideal to be able to pasword icons, file commands and most importantly
> EXIT TO DOS. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> --
>                                *************************
>                                     John Osterhout
>                                Western Branch High School
>                                     Chesapeake,Va.
>                                    josterho@vak12ed.edu
>                                *************************

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