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You are absolutely right, Diane--but there is a flip side...
Perhaps the reason the profession has such difficulty with teachers and
flexible scheduling is that teachers are left with the belief that both
approaches are compatible: you take my class, give me a break, and I can
still send kids to the resource center whenever I feel like it. Again the
flip side: what teacher would ever accept the teaching of a class and
continual interruptions by other kids wandering in and interrupting and
looking for assistance and using resources etc.? Or aren't we really teaching?
As Pogo said...


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On Tue, 1 Mar 1994, Diane Durbin wrote:

> One thing I have always wanted to do is get all my library aides together
> and march them down to a teacher's class, say an English teacher.  Then I
> would knock on the door and say, "Excuse me, Mrs. ____, my students need a
> lesson on direct objects.  Will you just take a few minutes to go over
> that with them?"

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