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                         FOR STUDENTS AGES 13-19

                     1 GRAND PRIZE AWARD :  $100.00

                     2 SECOND PLACE AWARDS : $50.00

                     HONORABLE MENTIONS :    $25.00

All entries must be sent electronically and posted by April 30,
1994 to qualify.  One sonnet per student.

Send entries to: mcargo@ctp.org

For further information, send email to Marge Cargo at the above
email address, phone (714) 870-3618 or FAX (714) 526-7630

               Contest sponsored in part with a grant from

                         The Times-Orange County

                         and with support from

                the National Public Telecomputing Network
           the Fullerton Joint Union School District, Fullerton,
                           California, U.S.A.


The Academy I Sonnet Contest invites entries from students ages
13-19 for original sonnets written within the last 3 years.  The
purpose of the contest is to encourage young creative writers to
write in a particular poetic form and to enjoy writing. Sonnets
may be submitted in the Petrarchan (Italian) or Shakespearean
(English) sonnet forms, or in any recognized sonnet form. Sonnets
written in English are preferred; however, non-English sonnets will be
accepted.  All sonnets, English and non-English, must conform to
the sonnet form to be considered for an award.

The act of submitting an entry in the sonnet contest implies that
the student gives permission for his or her sonnet to be posted
on Academy I and published in print. All entries must be
submitted by email, and each student may submit only one entry.
Students submitting entries should include full name, age and
grade level, home address and telephone number; name of school,
school address, name of contact teacher, phone number of contact
teacher, and email address. All entries must be submitted by
email on or before April 30, 1994 to qualify. Judging will take
place in early May, and winning entries will be announced in mid-
May.  Winners will be notified individually and winning entries
will also be announced via Academy I on the Internet. All sonnets
received will be posted on Academy I as well.

Sonnets will be judged on the basis of conformity to the meter
and rhyme of the sonnet form, imagery, and originality of

Judges for the contest are current or retired English instructors
throughout the United States.


  Each Entry Should Submit the Following Information:

Grade or Age:
     Home Street Address:
     Zip Code:
     Home Telephone:

School Street Address:
     State or Province:
     Zip Code:

Name of Contact Teacher:
     Telephone number of contact:

     email address of contact:

*      Marge Cargo - Librarian/Media Specialist        *
*    Troy High School - Fullerton Union H.S. District  *
*    2200 E. Dorothy Lane     Fullerton, CA USA 92631  *
*    Phone: 714-870-3618            FAX: 714-526-7630  *

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