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es!  Lots of us will be very interested--Is it short enough to put on
LM_NET?  Otherwise, I'm sure we'd be happy to pony up the postage, etc.
Thanks for the good work--
Jean Wieman(jwieman)@eis.calstate.edu
Fullerton High School
201 E. Chapman
Fullerton, CA  92632-1925
On Fri, 25 Feb 1994, Kitty Lucero wrote:

> Wow!  Congratulations to all in the Mankato district.  Any possibility
> of sharing policies and procedures for student access?  This has been
> going round and round on LM-NET for a while, and I know lots of people
> would be interested.  Thanks.
> Kitty Lucero, Librarian         klucero@eis.calstate.edu
> Chaminade College Prep, West Hills, CA
> On Fri, 18 Feb 1994, Doug Johnson wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > A small victory here in rural Mankato I'd like to share:
> >
> > Mankato Schools' (and I think rural Minnisota's) first elementary building
> > as of today has full Internet access on demand in its office, in its media
> > center and *in every classroom on every teacher's desk*! Nearly a year has
> > passed since the idea really took hold and the reality is here. Parents ran
> > network wire on weekends; the principal learned what "TCP/IP" means and
> > travelled to Dallas to understand the impact of the Internet on the
> > curriculum; and the building site-based team has given the school direction
> > and identity and excitement. There are half a dozen other elementary
> > schools in the district writing plans which emulate Kennedy's. Our middle
> > school will go on-line next week, and the remainder of our buildings, we
> > anticpate, next fall.
> >

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