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Hello LM_NET,

   Your co-owners, Mike Eisenberg and Peter Milbury, are forming an LM_NET
Hospitality Committee.  The purpose will be similar to that of our our
mentors of the LM_NET Skills Index-- to make LM_NET easier to use and
more effective.  In this case the purpose is to specifically focus on
helping members with their postings to LM_NET.

  This might include assistance or advice to:
    - those whose messages appear garbled or otherwise difficult to read;
    - commands which should have been sent to the listserv address instead
      of to all members;
    - inappropriate postings such as flames, advertisements, etc.

  The tone of the Hospitality Committee' work with these members will be
that of assistance, education, and friendship.  We want to offer our
assistance and expertise, not criticise or condemn.

   Hopefully, this will assure that LM_NET remains the most exciting,
useful and stimulating virtual community for school librarians.

  Please send your offers to join this committee directly to me.

Thank you,

Peter G. Milbury        Library Media Teacher / Mentor Teacher
Co-owner of LM_NET:  The School Library Media Discussion Group
pmilbur@eis.calstate.edu       ~       Voice/Fax: 916-891-3060
Pleasant Valley High School, 1475 East Avenue, Chico, CA 95926

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