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Does anyone else find the discussion about dealing with administrators
mildly offensive? There has been an astonishing array of how I socked it
to the insentive and intolerant principal, everything from whining to
sarcasm to full frontal confrontation.
If you are being hard done by, perhaps your administrator doesn't
understand your position on this issue. Whatever happened to: "I have a
concern here, Barry, that I'd like to discuss with you. I am happy to
accommodate your needs, to be flexible and to have the opportunity to show
off our facility, but these meetings are starting to impair the program
and student learning. When can we talk about it?" Is anything gained by
sarcastically suggesting that only WE have concern for students and
principals have none? Is this why we get the reputation for being real
BAGS [sandbags?] when it comes to flexibility? Maybe this is the place for
reason over passion...

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